The advantages of agile methods in collaboration are undisputed among experts.

But how do you exploit these benefits on a grand scale without falling into chaos? In an organisation with multiple teams, roles, departments, or locations? Is there a cookbook for this?

We at kyona are experts for a consistent agile conception that meets your specific requirements.


Corporate Transformation

  • 12-20% increased productivity
    (up to > 50% in very un-agile environments)
  • Better prioritisation and decisions through higher transparency
  • Lean processes through improved alignment and collaboration
  • Better development of personal skills
  • Significantly fewer emails (f.e., reduced by 50%)
  • Much faster response times by breaking up sequential procedures
  • Extended room for maneuver, greater clarity and solution focus increase individual job satisfaction
  • Organisation becomes resilient, stable and adaptable
  • Greater attractiveness for employees, partners and customers

Innovation Management and Product Development

  • More Innovation through more ideas & their combinations
  • Greater Innovation momentum through Design Thinking
  • Transparency from the product vision to the customer
  • Up to 50% faster time-to-market
  • Higher efficiency due to less planning effort
  • Strong commitment through freedom and participation
  • Better development of individual capabilities
  • Improved customer orientation through agile team culture
  • Continuous quality improvement through open error culture and willingness to learn

And that's how it's done

Within 2 to 3 months, this complex change initiative can be initiated with just a few focused workshops and started well-founded by the organisation’s own workforce. Employees stand behind the ideas of the management and are mobilised for a rapid joint implementation.

The innovative kyona methods and tools, developed through years of experience in agile collaboration, accelerate the transformation and allow you to preserve the generated momentum of the movement.

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kyona activates people and organisations to thrive and steer their business in a corporate culture of agile collaboration

(kyona vision)

Increased knowledge work, intensive digitisation of products and services as well as globalisation require a new, agile and collaborative work culture in organisations in order to deal with the increasing complexity and dynamics. In an increasingly globalised and digitised world, change and development in the enterprise become a major challenge for executives. More dynamics and agility are required. The more employees join in, the more active and motivated they are doing the change, the more dynamic and agile the organisation becomes.

Agile collaborative companies are as flexible and committed to the market as startups. Nevertheless, they still have their economies of scale. Innovation and collaboration are the keys to a vibrant future. Though, only a few companies have systematically addressed this transformation so far.

We support you in designing and implementing your agile transformation to the scale you need to maintain your economies of scale.

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Do you like this approach? Let’s take the next step together.