Facilitate team alignments in Jira, organize multiple teams for example in a scaled agile framework like SAFe® or LeSS®.
Would you like to align squads, tribes or guilds like in a Spotify engineering culture in a much more efficient manner?

  • Close a common collaboration gap with focussed alignment meetings
  • Structure your alignments with agenda, meeting roles, discussion times—and change it on the fly
  • Track efficiency, attendance and performance of meetings 
  • Autogenerate your meeting minutes with one click, only

Setting up your meeting board

Create your meeting, search issues you want to discuss by project status or other criteria. Sort and cluster issues on the agenda, plan breaks and time you want to spend per issue. Autocreate meeting minutes.

Get a list of planned meetings

Get meetings listed, filtered and sorted by name, status date or organizer. A preview panel shows topics, duration and participants of each meeting. See meetings you are expected to attend or that have been conducted.

Get the meeting history of an issue

Change perspective and see how sticky an issue is, on what meetings it has been discussed, already. Capture meeting notes directly in the issue – no worry, all notes will be collected in automatically created minutes. Find the right meeting for your issue with the right people to decide.

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Tired of collecting and sharing meeting notes?

How many meetings do you have per week? Our team has a great deal of them and for us, it’s absolutely essential to keep the meeting marathon under control every week. Does this sound familiar to you? For many of us, it’s important to work through an agenda, share information and, at the end of the meeting, determine the next steps. Of course, there is manual work required to set up a meeting, record the results – and to make sure that nothing will be forgotten. Especially if you have to prepare or follow-up on 10 meetings at once. For a daily stand-up meeting in a team of about 6 members, the right board was quickly found directly within Jira: The KANBAN board! With a trained team, you’ll probably get through the stand-up quickly. You might not write a meeting-log after a stand-up, because a note is briefly placed as a comment in the preview window of the KANBAN board directly on the topic you have discussed and you can easily remember the discussion until the next stand-up.

For other meetings, such as coordination between different teams, for workshops or other ad-hoc meetings, a KANBAN board is not suitable. In lack of alternatives, people then tend to send out a meeting agenda as a list within their calendar invites. Unfortunately, that’s another step away from our initial goal: To centralize our knowledge and progress on the topic itself, which means, directly within the Jira task we are working on. The Alignment Meeting Board helps you keep the whole story of your meetings together in Jira, and organize your meetings as an essential element of your collaboration. Meeting management, therefore, has less to do with “calendar management”, but rather with gaining efficiencies when organizing cross-team alignments. That’s why it’s a wonderful addition to the KANBAN and SCRUM board when organizing cross-team alignments, especially when scaling agile environments (e.g. Spotify® engineering culture, SAFe®, Holacracy®, …).

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