Collaboration platform

Complexity is the challenge, scaled agile collaboration is the solution and a collaboration platform is the realisation of it.

The basis for this is an organisational design for the targeted development of complexity skills, such as agility, performance diversity and self-organisation. The purpose is the emergence of a collaborative organisational culture.

Enterprise Architecture with MOPTI®

For a structured enterprise development organisations must be described and modeled systematically. The previous approach of such a modeling followed the orientation on a “model spine” (model backbone), the process flow. It supports excellent causal logic effects that are essential for integrating and increasing the efficiency of routine processes. Process models alone are unsuitable for areas that offer a low standardisation potential for processes and leave little room for emergence: knowledge-based work.

kyona’s technological approach to modeling enterprise configuration in the semantic network is MOPTI®.

MOPTI® is an acronym for the set of work performance layers:
Mitarbeiter (=employee), Organization, Process, Technology and Information.

MOPTI® was developed by kyona to enable a continuous development in a semantic model of organisational design and to avoid suboptimisation.

Enterprise Configuration Matrix

For point of departure identification and destination determination, organisations can use the enterprise configuration matrix to refocus their transformation initiative. Although challenges of transformation are similar in many organisations, concrete bottlenecks in development often turn out to be very customer specific.

The matrix is based on the proven maturity model CMMI® and kyona’s MOPTI®. An adaptation to other maturity models such as SPICE® or ASPICE® is basically possible.


Teams need tools for self-organization. The kyona FlowFlywheel® allows teams to do, on their own and together, what a moderator or manager would do to get a team into flow at work. If a team with its members is predominantly in the comfort zone, confidence is too high, while clarity and agility are too low. Here a team with the talents of its different members can counteract and moderate themselves – always with the goal of jointly remaining in the flow channel.

Jumpstart configuration of the collaboration platform for Atlassian Jira®

In its basic configuration, Atlassian Jira Software is a Scrum tool for organising small agile teams of 6 to 8 people. As a collaboration platform, this does not meet the demands of scaling agile collaboration, so kyona has developed and refined a template for the configuration of Jira Software within several years, which you can get for free from us. Alternatively, we are happy to assist you with the import into your existing Jira environment.

The kyona configuration template comprises the following components:

  • Proven Jira system settings for notifications, file attachments and more
  • Preferences for hybrid operation in project management (waterfall, agile, taskforce, operation, private task management)
  • Integrated requirements management and change control
  • Structured project landing page
  • Standardised issue types, workflows and boards

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