Not doing things by halves

Training and coaching of employees, the use of software or a new design of working methods only lead to the desired success, if they are aligned.

kyona offers three integrated service lines for the agile transformation of organisations:
collaboration services, tools and training.


[t͜ʃi̯oːna:], means (see) the whole and comes originally from the East African Bantu language Luganda.

kyona provides holistic solutions to tomorrow’s work environments and specialises in helping people and organisations develop their work environment towards a collaborative culture. Our services include consulting in conception and design, installation or operation of the necessary infrastructure as well as training for further development of modern forms of collaboration.

kyona has set itself up to fulfill its own vision in the form of an innovative collaborative organisation (see chart). This also ensures the market orientation of developed products and services as well as the consistency of the solutions.

We believe in an agile and thriving culture of collaboration between people who want to develop along with other people.

Scaled Agile Enterprise Architects

Today, we face several challenges simultaneously: increased knowledge work, intensive digitisation of products or services and globalisation require a new, agile and collaborative work culture in organisations in order to deal with the increasing complexity and dynamics.

Few companies have systematically addressed this transformation, so far. However, agile collaborative organisations can be as flexible and committed to the market as start-ups. Nevertheless, they still have their economies of scale. Innovation and collaboration are therefore key to a vibrant future.

kyona is the architect of scaling agility of large or growing organisations and accompany you in the implementation of your transformation.

kyona is your local contact for collaboration services in innovation management (product and software development) as well as corporate transformation (PMI, agile collaboration, organisational development, change management, lean management, globalisation, digitisation, Industrie 4.0).


kyona is service provider for methods, infrastructure and IT services (internal & external), in particular through operation and hosting of collaboration platforms as well as the in-house development and configuration of collabware, consulting products & services.

kyona provides training and coaching for all Scaling Agile Enterprise topics for customers and within the kyona group itself. It ensures the onboarding of new employees and the long-term development of capabilities.


Human in the center

Robert Barth focuses on processes, and it is important to him how people work in the company and how they do this most efficiently and together. In addition to the focus on agile collaboration, the right mindset of employees and managers also plays a central role, which is reflected in the range of services offered by the kyona Academy. His empathy allows him to work with different people – regardless of their culture or hierarchy – and to lead teams to common goals. 

After studying industrial engineering specialising in mechanical engineering, he initially developed and operated an individual accounting and control system for a company in the textile industry. Furthermore, he worked for some years as an IT & operations manager for a medium-sized textile company.

Since 2005 he has been involved in projects of the kyona group and since 2017 he has helped building up the kyona Academy GmbH. He currently works in various roles in agile projects and is a certified trainer for PRINCE2® project management and ITIL® (IT Service Management).

Key Note Speaker

After 10 years of consulting and development work in a large auditing and management consulting firm, and as a board member of a startup, Rainer Borg has dedicated himself entirely to Scaling Agile Collaboration in organisational and product development.

As a graduate industrial engineer and certified agricultural mechanic, his focus is on the pragmatic construction of agile structures for complex challenges.

With in-depth expertise in scaling agile enterprise architectures, he scales agility from the individual team to the entire corporate group.

For medium-sized groups, Rainer Borg has set up and coached project programs with up to 2,000 employees in accordance with kanban principles.

His passion is to accompany companies in their transformation, to initiate structures that enable management to master and control the complexity of change initiatives, and to enable employees to get involved and actively participate in shaping the enterprise.

Rainer is unbeatable as an initiator and spokesman for congresses, seminars or corporate events.

Top Coach

Michael Eckolt is interested in dealing with change at all levels – from organisational development, through effective teamwork to individual coaching. Since 2004, he has been focusing on organisational development / human change management and successfully supported numerous change projects in companies.

In more than 20 years he has gained extensive experience in project management. The focus here is on mergers & acquisitions, IT launches & roll-outs, strategic realignment and process optimisation projects. Since 2011 he has been working on projects with the kyona group and has been building the kyona Academy since 2017. He is currently working internationally as a trainer & coach, as well as active in projects and was recently honored as one of the top coaches in Germany.

After studying economics, he gained experience in medium-sized companies and large corporations in the areas of sales, marketing, logistics, consulting, business development and as an assistant to the management for more than 15 years. He also spent several years in Asia. With further additional training as a trainer, business coach, mediator, Reiss® Master and project manager, as well as in current topics on agility, theory U® and positive leadership, he supports his personal development and internalises the concept of lifelong learning.

Solution Architect

Dirk Heuschen has focused on the topics of organizational development, product development and agile collaboration methodically and further developed in an Atlassian Jira-based kyona collaboration environment. It now serves as a blueprint for customization or implementation on other technology platforms, such as MS SharePoint.

He sees himself as the solution architect of an agile collaboration organization configurator that allows a controlled transition from traditional ways of working to modern agile ways of working that are more appropriate to the increasing complexity of our world.

He completed his studies of industrial engineering in the field of mechanical engineering at the TU Darmstadt and UC Berkeley as well as enhanced with studies and a thesis in organizational psychology. Working in an intercultural environment, strong analytic-conceptual skills and great resilience are among his strengths.

He has extensive experience in the areas of team and organisational development, process management, software development and different project management methods.

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